Decentralized Edge AI Infrastructure

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The Center of Intelligent Systems at EPFL (CIS) launches a new research pillar in the area of Edge AI. This third CIS Collaboration Grant supports a collaborative research project on Decentralized Edge AI Infrastructure, and with Applications in Health & Human Exposome. The goal is to create decentralized AI infrastructure as well as smart and autonomous sensors and efficient data flows to predict digital fingerprints of disease progression.

The project is directed in collaboration between 

“The idea here is to build a system and software infrastructure that allows many use cases. We want to mainly focus on health applications and human exposome while achieving the highest standards in terms of privacy, robustness, accuracy and trustworthiness. Finally, we hope to collaborate with many people on different use cases at EPFL and outside, as we want to make the results available open-source.”  Martin Jaggi 


Für weitere Informationen auf Deutsch kontaktieren sie bitte: [email protected]