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Please find below a list of EPFL professors and experts with competencies in the vast fields related to intelligent Systems, ie. AI, ML, Computer Vison and robotics (non exhaustive).

If you require more information or guidance, please contact Dr. Jan Kerschgens.

Note: this list is not exhaustive, please get in contact us via email.


NameLabFacultyEPFL Graph Profile
Emmanuel Abbé portraitEmmanuel AbbéMDSSB/ICMore
Alexandre Alahi Alexandre AlahiVITAENACMore
David Atienza AlonsoDavid Atienza AlonsoESLSTIMore
Patrick BarthPatrick BarthBarth LabSVMore
Anne Florence BitbolAnne-Florence BitbolUPBITBOLSVMore
Boi FaltingsBoi FaltingsLIAICMore
Nicolas FlammarionNicolas FlammarionTMLICMore
Pascal FrossardPascal FrossardLTS4STIMore
Jeffrey HuangJeffrey HuangLDMENACMore
Auke IjspeertAuke IjspeertBIOROBSTIMore
Mihai Adrian IonescuMihai Adrian IonescuNanolabSTIMore
Martin JaggiMartin
Daniel KressnerDaniel KressnerANCHPSBMore
Alcherio MartinoliAlcherio MartinoliDISALENACMore
Sofia Charlotta OlhedeSofia Charlotta
Pavan P RamdyaPavan P RamdyaRamdya LabSVMore
Katrin BeyerKatrin BeyerEESDENACMore
Claudia BinderClaudia BinderHERUSENACMore
Paul DysonPaul Joseph DysonLCOMSBMore
James LarusJames LarusVLSCICMore
Andrew Charles OatesAndrew Charles OatesOATES LABSVMore
Ali H. SayedAli H. Sayed ASLSTIMore
Pierre VandergheynstPierre VandergheynstLTS2STIMore
John MaddocksJohn MaddocksLCVMMSBMore
Jürg SchiffmannJürg SchiffmannLAMDSTIMore
Devis Tuia portraitDevis TuiaECEOENACMore
SahandSahand Jamal RahiLPBSSBMore
Boumal NicolasNicolas BoumalOPTIMSBMore
Bruno CorreiaBruno CorreiaLPDISTIMore
Giuseppe CarleoGiuseppe CarleoCQSLSBMore
Mackenzie MathisMackenzie MathisMathis LabSVMore
Frédéric CourbinFrédéric CourbinLASTROSBMore
Pascal MievillePascal Mieville SWISSCAT SBMore
Lenka ZdeborovaLenka ZdeborovaSPOCICMore
Simon DeparisSimone DeparisSCI SB SD GroupSBMore
Jamie PaikJamie PaikRRLSTIMore
Michele CeriottiMichele CeriottiCOSMOSTIMore
Negar KiyavashNegar KiyavashBANCDMMore
Amir ZamirAmir ZamirVILABICMore
Aude BillardAude BillardLASASTIMore
Volkan CevherVolkan CevherLIONSSTIMore
Dario FloreanoDario FloreanoLISSTIMore
Pascal FuaPascal FuaCVLABICMore
Wulfram GerstnerWulfram GerstnerLCN1ICMore
Florent KrzakalaFlorent KrzakalaIDEPHICS1STIMore
Touradj EbrahimiTouradj EbrahimiMMSPGSTIMore
Babak FalsafiBabak FalsafiPARSAICMore
Matthias GrossglauserMatthias GrossglauserINDY1ICMore
Viktor KuncakViktor KuncakLARAICMore
Patrick ThiranPatrick ThiranINDY2ICMore
Rachid GuerraouiRachid GuerraouiDCLICMore
Michael UnserMichael UnserLIBSTIMore
Jean Philippe ThiranJean-Philippe
Dimitri Van De VilleDimitri Van de VilleMIPLABSTIMore
Martin VetterliMartin VetterliLCAVICMore
Martin WeigertMartin WeigertWeigert Lab SVMore
Karl AbererKarl AbererLSIRICMore
Frédéric KaplanFrédéric KaplanDHLABCDHMore
Anne Marie KermarrecAnne-Marie KermarrecSACSICMore
Pu PearlPu PearlHCICDHMore
Ronan BoulicRonan BoulicIIGICMore
Alexander MathisAlexander MathisAlexander Mathis Group SVMore
Marcel SalathéMarcel SalathéSalathe LabSVMore
Jean Marc VesinJean-Marc VesinASPGSTIMore
Tanja KäserTanja KäserD-VETICMore
Francesco MondadaFrancesco MondadaMOBOTSSTI / IC More
Robert WestRobert WestDLABICMore
François FleuretFrançois FleuretLIDIAPSTIMore
BreaJohanni Michael
Josie HughesJosie HughesCREATE-LABSTIMore
Paolo De Los RiosLBSSBMore
Olga FinkIICENACMore
Maryam Kamgarpour SYCAMORESTIMore
Wenzel JakobRGLICMore
Ronan BoulicSINICMore
Rachid GuerraouiDCLICMore
Mahsa ShoaranINLSTIMore