ClearSky | Building the Next Generation of Ai Assistants through Privacy by Design

Hugo Flayac, Founder of ClearSky 

Monday, Oct. 31, 2022 3:15 – 4:15pm (CET)

On-site only 

On site: INF 328 

Edge Ai has reached a sufficient maturity in 2022 to offer a broad range of out-of-the lab applications: vision, speech, anomaly detection, recommendations… Ai chips are becoming mainstream and are now populating our smartphones which are becoming pocket supercomputers. At the same time, research in deep learning model compression and optimization is flourishing and large language/speech models can now be reasonably executed on edge devices. 

This is a unique opportunity to see our personal (sensitive) data being processed locally and finally working at our exclusive service. Beyond the user-owned data and full privacy advantage, Edge Ai offers minimal latency, full model personalization, reduced development costs and smaller carbon footprint. 

In this seminar, we will describe ClearSky’s vision and journey towards the next generation of Ai Assistants on edge devices. 

After 5 years as a researcher in applied Quantum Science at EPFL, Hugo Flayac transited from academia to industry and became and Ai Team Leader in a Swiss SME. He was involved in dozens of state-of-the art deep learning projects in Healthcare, Retail, Education & Banking to ease decision making. After creating a consultancy company in 2021, called DeepTech Consulting, Hugo came back at EPFL in 2022 on the Innovation side and founded ClearSky. His mission is to support the user-owned data transition thanks to Edge Ai technology.