CIS Open Campus Event 2020

Save the date: Nov 4, 2020 9.15am – 11h15am

The Center of Intelligent Systems (CIS), would like to invite you to the Open Campus Event on Nov 4 from 9:15am to 11:15am to present and discuss our ambitions, strategies and activities for the CIS here at EPFL. During this event the first three collaborative research programs supported by CIS Collaboration Grants will be presented, the CIS Board will share its vision for the center and we will have talks about two areas related to Intelligent Systems. For more details, please find the program preview below. 

Please note: the access is restricted to the EPFL community.


09h15-09h30 Welcome words & progress report   
               Jan Kerschgens     
09h30-09h50 Brief presentations of the first three approved CIS Collaboration Grant proposals
               1. Intelligent Systems for Health and Medicine by Emmanuel Abbé and Pascal Frossard;     
               2. Intelligent Assistive Robotics by Auke Ijspeert and Jamie Paik;             
               3. Decentralized EDGE AI Infrastructure and Applications in Health & Human Exposome; by David Atienza AlonsoAdrian Ionescu and Martin Jaggi

09h50-10h10 Panel: Vision of the deans for CIS 
               moderation by Jan Kerschgens
               Claudia Binder
               Jan S. Hesthaven
               James Larus
               Ali H. Sayed
10h10-10h20 Q&A panel
10h20-11h10 Keynote related to Intelligent Systems plus discussion: “On the new era of human-centric ubiquitous mobility with intelligent systems” by Nikolas Geroliminis 
               moderation of discussion by Jan Kerschgens

11h10 Outlook & closing words 
               Jan Kerschgens