Call for Proposals: CIS Collaboration Grant

Application deadline: 27.11.2020
Intelligent systems

Fly Jacket developed by Carine Rognon, a researcher at EPFL’s Laboratory of Intelligent Systems led by Dario Floreano. Thanks to an embedded motion sensor developed by EPFL Laboratory of Embedded systems led by David Atienza, the fly jacket makes the drone control extremely responsive. Credit: Alain Herzog

The CIS Collaboration Grant was set up to support the launch of new research endeavors within the field of « Intelligent Systems » under the umbrella of CIS. The grantee will be attached to two or more labs of EPFL thus promoting the exchange between labs and different faculties of EPFL. Further the CIS Collaboration grantee, supervised by professors affiliated with CIS, can contribute to the preparation, submission and implementation of larger collaborative projects between EPFL and its partners through CIS. 

CIS Collaboration Grant Application Process:  

  • Application teams have to be constituted of at least two labs as set forth in the GTCs.
  • The pre-proposal includes a letter of intent of max. two pages with the project outline and SNSF style DORA-compliant CV for all involved parties.
  • The CIS Steering Committee will review all received proposals and provide feedback by email within 2 weeks.
  • Selected proposals will be invited to present their projects during one of our next Steering Committee meetings.
  • After the project proposal pitches to the Steering Committee the proposal teams can submit within 2 weeks up to 3 pages of comments to the feedback received during the steering committee meeting.
  • The Steering committee will decide on the attribution of the CIS Collaboration grant within 2 weeks after the amended proposal submission deadline.

Number of Grants: 1
Deadline: Nov. 27, 2020  
Start date: TBD
Duration: 1 year up to two years
Grant value: 100k / year (per grant)
Contact and application submission: Please contact Jan Kerschgens, Executive Director CIS, [email protected]

Note: The CIS encourages especially project proposals related to the fields of Digital Twins, Intelligent Systems for Manufacturing/ Digital Fabrication.

Please note this opportunity is ONLY open to the EPFL community.

CIS Collaboration Grant General Terms And Conditions (GTC)