Taylor Newton


Taylor Newton is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Connectomics team within the Simulation Neuroscience Division.

His principle interest is the design and validation in silico models of in vivo methodologies for characterizing mesoscale cortical activity.  He focuses in particular on models of voltage-sensitive dye imaging (VSDI), with the aim of improving quantitative comparison between in vivo experiments and our digital reconstructions at broader spatiotemporal scales.Before joining Blue Brain, his previous research experience included, the simulation and development of magnetically actuated microscale drug delivery devices, teleoperated robotic surgical systems, and several projects in the fields of controls, haptics and automation.

Taylor has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics from Stanford University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Mathematics from Brown University.

Outside of work, Taylor cycles, hikes and enjoys cooking, playing music (percussion), learning new languages and open-minded sceptical inquiry of all forms.

Selected Publications

Rössert, Christian, Christian Pozzorini, Giuseppe Chindemi, Andrew P. Davison, Csaba Eroe, James King, Taylor H. Newton, et al. “Automated Point-Neuron Simplification of Data-Driven Microcircuit Models.” arXiv:1604.00087 [Q-Bio], March 31, 2016.

Markram, Henry, Eilif Muller, Srikanth Ramaswamy, Michael W. Reimann, Marwan Abdellah, Carlos Aguado Sanchez, Anastasia Ailamaki, et al. “Reconstruction and Simulation of Neocortical Microcircuitry.” Cell 163, no. 2 (October 8, 2015): 456–92.

Jang, Bumjin, Emiliya Gutman, Nicolai Stucki, Benedikt F. Seitz, Pedro D. Wendel-García, Taylor Newton, Juho Pokki, et al. “Undulatory Locomotion of Magnetic Multilink Nanoswimmers.” Nano Letters 15, no. 7 (July 8, 2015): 4829–33.

Damian, D. D., T. H. Newton, R. Pfeifer, and A. M. Okamura. “Artificial Tactile Sensing of Position and Slip Speed by Exploiting Geometrical Features.” IEEE/ASME Trans. Mechatron. 20, no. 1 (February 2015): 263–74.

Newton, Taylor H., and Marcus Spradlin. “Quite a Character: The Spectrum of Yang–Mills on.” Phys. Lett. B 672, no. 4–5 (March 2, 2009): 382–85.