Susie Murphy

Simulation Neuroscience Neurorobiotics
Susie Murphy is a Software Developer in the Neurorobotics Section within the Simulation Neuroscience Division.

Susie focuses on the back and frontend development of the Neurorobiotics platform.  This includes all aspects of the software development lifecycle; unit testing, continuous integration, version control, debugging, documentation and direct user support.

Before joining Blue Brain, Susie was a DevOps Engineer at CERN where she worked on the development and operation of the virtual machine monitoring infrastructure.

Susie has a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Strathclyde, where she was awarded the Andrew McGettrick Prize for outstanding performance in 2011.

In her spare time, Susie enjoys reading, travelling, geocaching and hiking.

Selected Publications

25th International AAAI Conference August 2011 Exploiting Path Refinement Abstraction in Domain Transition Graphs; Peter Gregory, Derek Long, Craig McNulty and Susanne Murphy McNulty