Nicolas Antille

Nicolas Antille is a scientific media designer/engineer in the Visualization team.

Nicolas art-directs the visualization team including, leading the creation of high quality illustrations and animations for scientific and lay audiences. He creates meaningful, accurate and beautiful visuals with his code and design expertise. Producing these visuals requires active visualization research that he carries out with Python and Blender. He also contributes his UI/UX design skills to the interactive tools developed by Blue Brain engineers.

Nicolas regularly contributes to Blue Brain scientific publications and presentations with illustrations. His work has also been published in journals (including the cover of Cell), featured in exhibitions and galleries and he art-directed the public exhibit Data Square on the EPFL campus.

Before joining Blue Brain, Nicolas worked for small design agencies including his own. He also worked for large international companies such as SICPA and P&G. Technically savvy, he has a broad experience in design for the Web & games, 3D, motion graphics and printed matter.

Outside of work, Nicolas enjoys life with Stéphanie, cultural and outdoor activities, drawing and travelling.