Huanxiang Lu

Data & Knowledge Engineering
Huanxiang Lu is the Brain Atlasing Lead in the Neuroinformatics Division.

Huanxiang focuses on the architecting and implementation of data atlasing software components. He coordinates, devises and oversees scientific and technical implementation of the data atlasing roadmap and related activities. He support other sections on the topic of data atlasing and adoption of data atlasing technology.

Before joining Blue Brain, he led a research group on image-guided therapy for soft tissue in the ARTORG Center in Bern, focusing on bringing cutting-edge technologies into clinics and coordinating an EU project on image-guided laparoscopic surgery across multiple centers in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. Prior to this after completing his PhD, he worked as a research scientist at Philips Research, leading a research project on MR brain imaging optimization based on data analytics.

Huanxiang has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Bern, Switzerland. In addition, he has an MSc in Mathematics and Informatics from the University of Paris Descartes, France and BSc in Physics, from the East China Normal University, China.

In his spare time, he enjoys running, photography and cooking.

Selected Publications

Fusaglia, M., Hess, H., Schwalbe, M., Peterhans, M., Tinguely, P., Weber, S., Lu, H., “A Novel Ultrasound-Based Registration for Image-Guided Laparoscopic Liver Ablation”, Surgical innovation, 23(4):397-406 (2016)

Fusaglia, M., Hess, H., Schwalbe, M., Peterhans, M., Tinguely, P., Weber, S., Lu, H., “A clinically applicable laser-based image guided system for laparoscopic liver procedures”, International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 11: 1499 (2016)

Lu, H., Beisteiner, R., Nolte, L., Reyes, M. “Hierarchical Segmentation-Assisted Multi- modal Registration for MR Brain Images”, Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, 37(3), 234-244 (2013).

Lu, H., Nolte, L., Reyes, M. “Interest points localization for brain image using landmark- annotated atlas”, International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology, 22(2), 145-152 (2012).

Lu, H., Reyes, M., Serifovic-Trbalic, A., Weber, S., Sakurai, Y., Yamagata, H., Cattin, P. C., “Multi-modal Diffeomorphic Demons Registration Based on Point-wise Mutual Information”, In Proceedings of ISBI 2010, Rotterdam, Netherland (2010).