Francesco Cremonesi

Felix Schürmann Group PhD Student
Francesco Cremonesi is a PhD Student in the Felix Schürmann Group.

Francesco focuses on the relationship between neural networks (both biological and artificial) and computer architectures, across a wide spectrum ranging from supercomputers to custom-designed hardware.

A graduate of the Politecnico di Milano with a Masters in Scientific Computing, Francesco also holds a Masters in Materials, Processing and Modeling from the Ecole des Mines.

In his spare time, he plays basketball and the guitar and enjoys photography.

Selected Publications

F. Casalegno et al. “Error analysis and quantification in NEURON simulations” ECCOMAS 2016: European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering. Eccomas, 2016.

A. Ovcharenko et al. “Simulating Morphologically Detailed Neuronal Networks at Extreme Scale” European Conference in Parallel Computing. ParCo, 2015.

T. Ewart et al. “Neuromapp: a Mini-Application Framework to Improve Neural Simulators” Proceedings of Supercomputing. SC 2016.