Samuel Lapere

Samuel Lapere is the Section Manager of the Scientific Visualization team in the Computing Division.

His team focuses on high fidelity, interactive visualization of very large data sets using state of the art rendering techniques such as physically based path tracing. The team are also conducting research into efficient multi-resolution rendering methods, which will allow them to visualize biological structures from the macroscopic to the meso- and microscopic level in a seamless fashion.

Before joining Blue Brain, Sam started his career as a researcher in medical imaging at the Ghent University in Belgium. After that, he moved to New Zealand to work for two startup companies on GPU based photorealistic rendering (using ray tracing) running on public and private clouds.

Sam has a Masters in Medicine from Ghent University, Belgium, in which he specialized in neurology, neurophysiology and neuroradiology.

In his free time, Sam enjoys hiking, running, biking, rock climbing, swimming and travelling.