Giuseppe Chindemi

Simulation Neuroscience
Cells and Circuits
Giuseppe Chindemi is a PhD Student in the Cells & Circuits Section within the Simulation Neuroscience Division.

His focus at Blue Brain is biophysical modeling of synaptic plasticity in the context of large-scale neocortical simulations; synapse modeling and optimization.
Giuseppe has a M.Sc. degree in Engineering of Computing Systems from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy and a M.Sc in Computer Science from the University of Illinois, Chicago, USA. During his studies, he specialized in dynamical systems modeling and high performance computing.

A keen footballer, Giuseppe also snowboards in the winter months.

Selected Publications
Markram, Henry, et al. “Reconstruction and simulation of neocortical microcircuitry.” Cell 163.2 (2015): 456-492.

Ramaswamy, Srikanth, et al. “The neocortical microcircuit collaboration portal: a resource for rat somatosensory cortex.” Frontiers in neural circuits 9 (2015): 44.

Van Geit, Werner, et al. “BluePyOpt: Leveraging open source software and cloud infrastructure to optimise model parameters in neuroscience.” Frontiers in neuroinformatics 10 (2016).