Blue Brain in the news

10 December 2018
Click here to listen to Blue Brain Director Felix Schürmann’s panel discussion at HPE Discover 2018 Madrid.
(Felix begins at 2:10 – 5:15 and continues 8:40 – 11:24)

19 November 2018
Science Trends – How Do You Rapidly Feed A Hungry Brain?
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08 October 2018

Click here to listen to the interview with Deputy Computing Director Jean-Denis Courcol and Molecular Biologist Emmanuelle Logette.

26 September 2018

Contribute your mini-reviews to Principles of Neuroscience MOOC

Articles from Frontiers’ Research Topic on the Fundamentals of 21st Century Neuroscience to be used as key literature references in EPFL’s open online course launching next year.

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11 April 2018
Le Temps

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12 January 2018
Samuel Kerrien talks to Technology Networks about the Blue Brain Nexus and the role of Neuroinformatics at the Blue Brain Project.

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14 December 2017
Prof. Kathryn Hess TEDxLugano

Click here to watch Prof. Kathryn Hess’s presentation – Digital Neuroscientist of the Future
(Credit TEDx Talks)