Control and vizualisation of a flapping wing in hover

Boris Huljak

Semester project

In order to understand how insects fly using unsteady aerodynamics, flapping wing devices are built. The device allows the user to reproduce the movement of the wings of an insect while looking at the forces acting on them using a load-cell. The aim of the project is to develop a way of intuitively control such flapping wing device. To do so, the control of three motors is necessary and for this several scripts are made using Matlab. These scripts allow the user to retrieve the desired information of the forces acting while only defining a few input parameters of the wings movement.The final product of the project is a set of codes allowing a simplified use of the flapping device. Data on the forces acting on the wing are collected using these codes. A post treatment of the data is done using the codes developed in this project in order to verify both the results and their accuracy. In addition, the collected data is compared to previously collected data in a different study where different control means were used.