Open Positions

Postdoc and PhD in Aerial Robotics

The Geodetic Engineering Laboratory (TOPO, invites applications for a postdoctoral or PhD fellowship on autonomous navigation of micro aerial vehicles. We aim to further develop and generalize a novel concept of navigation into the operational environment of light-weight drones of conventional and less-conventional shapes; enhancing substantially their real-time estimate of position and attitude as well as navigation integrity in areas without GPS coverage and absence of visual/optical aiding. We also aim to integrate this novel paradigm into multi-sensor fusion in high resolution aerial mapping, solving the current limitations of georeferencing point/line sensors over surfaces lacking heterogeneous texture.

Posdoc candidates can find more information (and follow the application procedure) here.

PhD candidate should apply to an EPFL Doctoral School, such as Robotics, Control, and Intelligent Systems (EDRS), Computer Science (EDIC) or Civil and Environment Engineering  (EDCE) and mention Prof. Skaloud and this application form. For more details please check: