Prof. Kenneth A. Younge

Kenneth A. Younge, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
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The Technology and Innovation Strategy Lab is led by Professor Kenneth A. Younge. Prof. Younge is an applied economist and data scientist. His research uses experimental economics and machine learning methods to examine the strategic importance of patent portfolios, knowledge spillovers, financial risk disclosure, computational law, and employee mobility. His work has been published in the top journals in economics and strategy, and he is the past winner of the Strategic Management Society’s Best Conference Paper Award, the Academy of Management’s BPS Outstanding Dissertation Award, and numerous teaching awards.

Prior to returning to academia, Professor Younge worked for 14 years in industry as a Chief Technology Officer, President, and Director of Development. He has co-founded four firms over the course of his career and continues to be active in industry. The TIS Lab combines theoretical economics with real-world impact.

For more information, please see Professor Younge’s curriculum vitae and personal website.

Top Publications




Strategic Citation: A Reassessment






Patent Citations Reexamined.






Motivating Innovation: The Effect of Loss Aversion on the Willingness to Persist.



Competitive Pressure on the Rate and Scope of Innovation.



Text Similarity in Vector Space Models: A Comparative Study



The Value of Employee Retention: Evidence from a Natural Experiment.



How Anticipated Employee Mobility Affects Acquisition Likelihood: Evidence from a Natural Experiment.



Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy.



Clean Energy Innovation: Sources of Technical and Commercial Breakthroughs.
Employee Mobility and the Appropriation of Value from Knowledge: Evidence from Three Essays.

Winner of the Wiley Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award



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