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Projet expérimental en entreprise – été 2017


Optimisation du procédé d’étirage de tubes fins en acier inoxydable.


Encadrement: Fabio Cova Caiazzo and Dr. Nicolas Chobault


Assistant: [email protected]


Lieu: Swiss-Tube, Champagne-Yverdon(VD)

Dates à convenir, temps partiel possible.





Sensitivity of Biomedical alloys to crevice corrosion


Encadrement: Angela Bermudez Castañeda


Assistant: [email protected]




Corrosion and passivation kinetics study of biomedical passive metals


The project aims at investigating the effect of potential to the passivation of biomedical metals (CoCrMo or Ti alloys) and studying the passivation kinetics for a better predictability of hip joints degradation. The evolution with potential of passivation charge density will be measured in sulphuric acid as well as in a more representative biofluid. Subsequently, the passive film thickness and composition should be measured using AES or XPS to better understand the passivation mechanism.


Encadrement: Shoufan Cao


Assistant: [email protected]



Master theses


Please, feel free to contact directly any TIC scientific staff member if you are interested in tribology or corrosion or electrochemical topics.

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