1. Electrochemistry slides


1.1 Notes de cours à télécharger

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Given by Stefano Mischler (SCI-STI-SM, TIC, EPFL)

Given by Laetitia Philippe (Laboratories for Mechanics of Materials and Nanostructures, EMPA)

  1. Article 4.1 : UV_LIGA
  2. Article 4.2 : Pulse_theory
  3. Article 4.3 : Alloy_ED
  4. Article 4.4 : NWS_theory
  5. Article 4.5 : NWS_applic1
  6. Article 4.6 : NWS_applic2

Given by Jan Van Herle (SCI-STI-JVH, EPFL)

2. Examens – Articles à télécharger – Hiver 2016

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40 étudiants, 12 à 14 groupes, chaque groupe 1 article (5 minutes présentation, 5 minutes questions)

Comment choisir !

1) Choisir un acticle et le télécharger dans la liste ci-dessous.
2) Aller sur la page suivante Choix article examen inscrire le groupe (tous les noms) dans le champ “nom” et sélectionner l’article choisi.

(Attention: premier inscrit premier servi !! donc ne pas prendre un article déjà sélectionné MERCI)

How to choose !

1) Select a paper and load it from the list below

2) Go to the page Choix article examen, register the group by putting all students names in the field “nom” and indicate the choosen paper

(Attention: first in, first served !! So do not choose a paper selected by another group THANKS)

Art.1 – Competitive anion/anion interactions on copper surfaces relevant for Damascene electroplating
Art.2 – Electroplating and characterization of Zn-Ni,Zn-Co and Zn-Ni-Co alloys
Art.3 – High-aspect ratio TiO2 nanotubes by anodization of titanium
Art.4 – Probing the buried metal-organic coating interfacial reaction kinetic mechanisms by a hydrogen permeation based potentiometric approach
Art.5 – Monitoring of carbon steel corrosion by use of electrochemical noise and recurrence quantification analysis
Art.6 – Photo assisted electrodeposition of a ZnO front contact on a p/n junction
Art.7 – Individual thermoelectric properties of electrodeposited bismuth telluride nanowires in polycarbonate membranes
Art.8 – Design of gel elctrolytes for electrochemical studies on metal surfaces with complex geometry
Art.9 – Applications of scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) for local characterization of AZ31 surface during corrosion in a buffered media
Art.10 – Effects of pH value of electrolyte and glycine additive on formation and properties of electrodeposited Zn-Fe coatings

Art.11 – Alkaline water electrolysis
Art.12 – Electrochemistry in Li ion batteries
Art.13 – Electrochemistry in Vanadium Redox flow battery
Art.14 – Large scale storage in batteries
Art.15 – Na and Li carriers in batteries
Art.16 – Oxygen reduction electrocatalysis
Art.17 – Polymer fluel cells electrocatalysis
Art.18 – Solid oxide electrolysis
Art.19 – Solid oxide fuel cell electrochemistry