Publication TIC 2007


A.W. Hodgson, S. Mischler, B. Von Rechenberg, S. Virtanen
An analysis of the in vivo deterioration of CoCrMo implants through wear and corrosion
Proc. IMechE Vol 221 Part H: J.Engineering in Medecine (2007) 291-303

A. Igual Munoz, S. Mischler
Interactive effects of albumin and phosphate ions on the corrosion of a CoCrMo implant alloy
Accepted (2007) for publication in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society

A. Bidiville, M. Favero, P. Stadelmann, S. Mischler

Effect of surface chemistry on the mechanical response of metals in sliding tribocorrosion systems
Accepted (2007) for publication in Wear

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