Publication TIC 2009

S. Radice, S. Mischler, J. Michler
Threshold value of particle concentration in EPD: experimental evidence with TiO2 organic suspensions
Key Engineering Materials 412 (2009) 51–56

M. Bellamy, N. Godinot, S. Mischler, N. Martin, C. Hartmann
Influence of emulsion composition on lubrication capacity and texture perception
International Journal of Food Science and Technology 44 (2009) 1939–1949

J. Stojadinovic, L. Mendia, D. Bouvet, M. Declercq, S. Mischler
Electrochemically controlled wear transitions in the tribocorrosion of ruthenium
Wear 267 (2009), 186–194

S. Mischler, S. Barril and D. Landolt
Fretting corrosion behaviour of a Ti–6Al–4V/ PMMA contact in simulated body fluid
Tribology 3 (2009) 16-13

J. Stojadinovic, D. Bouvet, M. Declercq, S. Mischler
Effect of electrode potential on the tribocorrosion of tungsten
Tribology International 42 (2009) 575-583




S. Radice
Electrophoretic deposition of multi-sacle structured TiO2 surfaces.
thèse EPFL No 4350 (2009)
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J. Stojadinovic
Chemical-mechanical polishing of tungsten, electrochemical and tribocorrosion approach.
thèse EPFL No 4427 (2009)
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