M.S. projects ​​​are available

TEBEL offers MS Thesis and MS Semester projects to current and prospective EPFL students interested in:

  • Green buildings, renewables and sustainability
  • Indoor environmental policies and standards (focus on thermal comfort, hot water use)
  • Dynamic simulation of space heating/cooling, hot water supply in buildings
  • Integrated design of thermal engineering systems of buildings
  • Experimental and computational heat transfer, and fluid mechanics with application in built environment
  • Analysis of thermodynamic cycles and various types of heat exchangers
  • Analysis of energy conversion systems such as heat pumps
  • Optimal planning and operation of multi-carrier energy hubs
  • Optimal design, planing and operation of integrated water-energy systems
  • Water-Energy Nexus at building and district levels
  • Wastewater heat recovery at building and district levels
  • Heat recovery from the active building envelope
  • Advanced building envelopes – integration of PV and PV/T modules
  • Dynamic thermal performance of building envelope
  • Behavior of occupants and thermal comfort requirements

Requests can be sent to Prof. Khovalyg: [email protected]