Sinergia project

A quantitative approach to transcriptional network dynamics

This project is funded by the Sinergia program from the Swiss National Science Foundation involving tight collaborative work with two other laboratories, the Maerkl lab at EPFL and the van Nimwegen lab at the University of Basel. We will use a combination of in vivo and in vitro single cell biophysical measurement approaches together with theoretical modelling, to bridge the gap between qualitative topological network models and realistic biophysical models of the stochastic gene regulatory dynamics in individual cells. The Suter lab has one PhD student position opening and two post-doctoral position openings, one of which will be joint with the Maerkl lab (see below).


Sinergia PhD Student Position Suter Lab

Sinergia Post Doc Position Suter Lab

Sinergia Post Doc Position Suter&Maerkl Labs