• Laboratory Methods We have developed statistical methods for the analysis of various experimental procedures involving cell cultures.

  • Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis Our group in collaboration with W. Thilly’s group at M.I.T. has developed a model of carcinogenesis that uses the two-stage model of Knudsen and Moolgavkar-Venzon and includes as an addition the fraction of the population at risk. Fitting this model to incidence data of birth cohorts allows one to quantify the effects of genes and environmental influences.

  • Lung CancerThe group of W. Thilly at M.I.T. has collected a data base of mortality due to lung cancer in the United States classified according to race and birth cohort (in decades since 1880). In collaboration with his group we have fit carcinogenesis models to this data and have been able to describe the changes between the various cohorts with a single variable, the fraction at risk.

  • Mutational Spectra Mutational spectra contain the distribution of mutations across a certain gene observed in a well-defined population. Statistical questions of interest include the comparison of two spectra measured for distinct populations, the determination of thresholds to define mutational hot spots, the question whether the hot spots in one spectra are also present in another one, etc.