Here is a list of our recent publications and pre-prints. The list may not be NOT be up to date. Please refer to the Google Scholar pages of our team members for the most recent information.


Preliminary Analysis of Potential Harms in the Luca Tracing System.
Theresa Stadler, Wouter Lueks, Katharina Kohls, Carmela Troncoso. 2021.

Synthetic Data — Anonymisation Groundhog Day.
Theresa Stadler, Bristena Oprisanu, Carmela Troncoso. 2021.

Privacy Engineering Meets Software Engineering. On the Challenges of Engineering Privacy ByDesign.
Blagovesta Kostova, Seda Gürses, Wouter Lueks, Carmela Troncoso. 2021.

Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing.
Carmela Troncoso, Mathias Payer, Jean-Pierre Hubaux, Marcel Salathé, James Larus, Edouard Bugnion, Wouter Lueks, Theresa Stadler,et al. 2020.

The Bayes Security Measure.
Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis, Giovanni Cherubin, Catuscia Palamidessi, Carmela Troncoso. 2020.

Disparate Vulnerability: on the Unfairness of Privacy Attacks Against Machine Learning.
Bogdan Kulynych, Mohammad Yaghini, Giovanni Cherubin, Carmela Troncoso. 2019.

Evading classifiers in discrete domains with provable optimality guarantees (long version).
Bogdan Kulynych, Jamie Hayes, Nikita Samarin, Carmela Troncoso. 2019.


CrowdNotifier: Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Presence Tracing
Wouter Lueks, Seda Gürses, Michael Veale, Edouard Bugnion, Marcel Salathé, Kenny G. Paterson, and Carmela Troncoso. PoPETs 2021 (4).


Early Evidence of Effectiveness of Digital Contact Tracing for SARS-CoV-2 in Switzerland
Marcel Salathé, Christian L. Althaus, Nanina Anderegg, Daniele Antonioli, Tala Ballouz, Edouard Bugnion, Srdjan Capkun, Dennis Jackson, Sang-Il Kim, James R. Larus, Nicola Low, Wouter Lueks, et al. Swiss Medical Weekly

A research agenda for digital proximity tracing apps
Viktor von Wyl, Sebastian Bonhoeffer, Edouard Bugnion, Alan Puhan Milo, Marcel Salathé, Theresa Stadler, Carmela Troncoso, Effy Vayena, Nicola Low. Swiss Medical Weekly

Datashare Network: A Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Search Engine for Investigative Journalists
Kasra EdalatNejad, Wouter Lueks, Julien Pierre Martin, Soline Ledésert, Anne L’Hôte, Bruno Thomas, Laurent Girod, Carmela Troncoso. Usenix Security 2020.

GenoShare: Supporting Privacy-Informed Decisions for Sharing Individual-Level Genetic Data
Jean Louis Raisaro, Juan Ramon Troncoso-Pastoriza, Yamane El-Zein, Mathias Humbert, Carmela Troncoso, Jacques Fellay, Jean-Pierre Hubaux. MIE 2020.

VoteAgain: A scalable coercion-resistant voting system
Wouter Lueks, Iñigo Querejeta-Azurmendi, Carmela Troncoso. Usenix Security 2020.

Measuring Membership Privacy on Aggregate Location Time-Series
Apostolos Pyrgelis, Carmela Troncoso, and Emiliano De Cristofaro. SIGMETRICS 2020.

POTs: Protective Optimization Technologies
Bogdan Kulynych, Rebekah Overdorf, Carmela Troncoso, Seda Gürses. FAT* 2020.

Encrypted DNS –> Privacy? A Traffic Analysis Perspective
Sandra Siby, Marc Juarez, Claudia Diaz, Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez, Carmela Troncoso. NDSS 2020.

Tandem: Securing Keys by Using a Central Server While Preserving Privacy
Wouter Lueks, Brinda Hampiholi, Greg Alpár, Carmela Troncoso. PoPETS 2020.

Angel or Devil? A Privacy Study of Mobile Parental Control Apps
Álvaro Feal, Paolo Calciati, Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez, Carmela Troncoso, Alessandra Gorla. PoPETs 2020


zksk: A Library for Composable Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Wouter Lueks, Bogdan Kulynych, Jules Fasquelle, Simon Le Bail-Collet, Carmela Troncoso. WPES 2019

On (The Lack Of) Location Privacy in Crowdsourcing Applications
Spyros Boukoros, Mathias Humbert, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Carmela Troncoso. Usenix Security 2019.

Rethinking Location Privacy for Unknown Mobility Behaviors
Simon Oya, Carmela Troncoso, Fernando Pérez-González. EuroS&P 2019

Lightnion: seamless anonymous communication from any web browser
Wouter Lueks, Matthieu Daumas, Carmela Troncoso. Workshop on Measurements, Attacks and Defenses for the Web (MADWeb) 2019.


Knock Knock, Who’s There? Membership Inference on Aggregate Location Data
Apostolos Pyrgelis, Carmela Troncoso, and Emiliano De Cristofaro. NDSS 2018.

Evading classifiers in discrete domains with provable optimality guarantees
Bogdan Kulynych, Jamie Hayes, Nikita Samarin, Carmela Troncoso. NeurIPS 2018 Workshop on Security in Machine Learning.

Questioning the assumptions behind fairness solutions
Rebekah Overdorf, Bogdan Kulynych, Ero Balsa, Carmela Troncoso, Seda Gürses. Critiquing and Correcting Trends in Machine Learning 2018.

ClaimChain: Improving the Security and Privacy of In-band Key Distribution for Messaging
Bogdan Kulynych, Wouter Lueks, Marios Isaakidis, George Danezis, and Carmela Troncoso. WPES 2018.

DNS Privacy not so private: the traffic analysis perspective
Sandra Siby, Marc Juarez, Narseo Vallina, and Carmela Troncoso. HotPETS 2018.

TARANET: Traffic-Analysis Resistant Anonymity at the NETwork layer
Chen Chen , Daniele E. Asoni, Adrian Perrig, David Barrera, George Danezis, and Carmela Troncoso. IEEE EuroS&P 2018.


Dissecting Tor Bridges: a Security Evaluation of their Private and Public Infrastructures
Srdjan Matic, Carmela Troncoso, and Juan Caballero. NDSS 2017

Back to the Drawing Board: Revisiting the Design of Optimal Location Privacy-preserving Mechanisms
Simon Oya, Carmela Troncoso, and Fernando Pérez-González. CCS 2017.

Modern key distribution with ClaimChain
Bogdan Kulynych, Marios Isaakidis, Carmela Troncoso, and George Danezis. 34c3: 34th Chaos Communication Congress 2017. 

Is Geo-Indistinguishability What You Are Looking for?
Simon Oya, Carmela Troncoso, and Fernando Pérez-González. WPES 2017.

What Does The Crowd Say About You? Evaluating Aggregation-based Location Privacy
Apostolos Pyrgelis, Carmela Troncoso, and Emiliano De Cristofaro. PoPETS 2017.

Systematizing Decentralization and Privacy: Lessons from 15 years of research and deployments
Carmela Troncoso, Marios Isaakidis, George Danezis, and Harry Halpin. PoPETS 2017.

Small Data
Oliver Kennedy, D. Richard Hipp, Stratos Idreos, Amélie Marian, Arnab Nandi, Carmela Troncoso, and Eugene Wu. ICDE 2017

Filter design for delay-based anonymous communications
Simon Oya, Fernando Pérez-González, and Carmela Troncoso. ICASSP 2017