Snow micro-mechanics

We develop new elastoplastic constitutive models to simulate snow mechanical behavior using microstructure-based modeling and different numerical methods (Material Point and Discrete Element Methods)

Dynamic (anti)-crack propagation in snow

We study the dynamics of anticrack propagation in snow by performing numerical Propagation Saw Test experiments which are compared to field experiments

From (anti)-crack propagation to snow slab avalanche release

We simulate avalanche release at the slope scale using the Material Point Method and investigate the influence of snowpack properties as well terrain parameters on the avalanche release size

Avalanche dynamics

We develop a Material Point Method to model avalanche dynamics at the slope scale. We study how snow mechanical properties affect the flow rheology, snow entrainment, impact pressures and run-out distances.

Glacier calving

We develop novel elastoplastic constitutive behaviors to simulate full-scale glacier calving as well as tsunami wave generation using the Material Point Method

Modeling alpine mass movements

We develop new constitutive models for rock, ice, snow, sediments and simulate different types of alpine mass movements and complex cascading processes (lake outburst floods, multiphase transitions and interactions).