MGT 555 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering (Autumn 2019): Industry Projects

This course is a joint initiative between the School of Engineering and the College of Management to encourage and promote entrepreneurship and management skills, engineering design, hands-on experience, teamwork, and awareness of social and ethical implications in engineering, management, and business development.

Teams of students from across disciplines work on identifying a challenge of societal impact and on formulating a strategy for a technological solution along with a management and economic viability plan for its development. The teams will work on early product specifications and design, prototyping and beginning commercialization.

Lectures (accounting for 2 ECTS credits) will be divided in four modules containing systems engineering, product design principles, business economics and prototyping practice. A key component of the course consists of a team project, usually conducted in collaboration with an industry partner, addressing a significant commercial need and/or societal issue. Lectures will be given by domain experts.  Students will work in multidisciplinary groups to define the product concept, possibly make first rough prototypes and propose an implementation plan and commercialization plan. At the conclusion of the course, the projects will be entered in a prize competition judged by a jury composed of the industry experts and academic supervisors.

The general theme for the industrial projects of this edition is “Wearables and Portables”

The following projects correspond to current challenges provided by industrial partners and will be realized in close collaboration with a responsible person from each company.

An academic supervisor for each project will be also assigned from available CDM or STI staff.

Teams of students composed of 3 to 5 members will be formed at the beginning of the course. Then, one project will be assigned to each of these teams.

The academic development of this course is carried out under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Weber from the College of Management and Prof. Véronique Michaud from the School of Engineering.

Industry project proposals on Wearables and Portables: