Material for students

Training sessions

Here is a summary of the lectures presented to the students in Morocco and Uganda.

Use the first link to download all presentations at once (~200 MB).

The presentations are also available in several packages:

Part 1

  • Training programm
  • List of participants
  • Presentation of the NextGen project (Pierre Taberlet)
  • The use of molecular tools to infer population structure and evolution of Africa’s large mammals (Vincent Muwanika)
  • Basic concepts in conservation genetics (Mike Bruford)
  • Mitochondrial DNA and methods of analysis (Riccardo Negrini)
  • Nuclear markers and methods of analysis (Mike Bruford)
  • Modern and upcoming technologies for genome analysis (Paolo Ajmone-Marsan)

Part 2

  • Livestock diseases in Uganda (Ademun Rose)
  • Livestock diversity and husbandry practices in Uganda (Charles Massembe)
  • Livestock diversity and husbandry practices in Morocco (Badr Benjelloun)
  • Livestock diversity and husbandry practices in Iran (Hamid Rezaei)

Part 3

  • Basic concepts in population genetics (François Pompanon)
  • Basic concepts in bioinformatics (Eric Coissac)
  • Selection signatures (Alessandra Stella)
  • Databases for genomes (Eric Coissac)
  • The domestication process (François Pompanon)
  • Geographic information systems and landscape genomics (Sylvie Stucki)

Part 4

  • Ethics / Biorepository strategies (Pasqualino Loi)

Part 5

  • Diagnostic of genetic defects in livestock (Arcangelo Gentile)

Presentations given in Kampala
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5