Sébastien Baumann

MSc Semester Project


Implementation of the 3D Rendering Method


Sébastien Baumann


Prof. Dr. Touradj Ebrahimi

Assistants: Martin Rerabek and Philippe Hanhart


June 8, 2012




In order to display 3D content on the conventional 2D screen, one of the two approaches can be used. It can be either anaglyph method when the observer must wear glasses or motion parallax based method which is glasses less. One of the way how to use motion parallax displaying method is to create 3D model of observing scene and render the particular suitable view based on the viewer gaze. The goal of this work is to develop a smartphone application which will use the frontal camera of the phone for the head tracking and face/gaze detection and then display the relevant view of the 3D model.

More specifically the following tasks should be performed:

  • Research and review the recent developments about 3D rendering and face detection algorithm.
  • Install and setup tools for android applications development.
  • Investigate the available formats of 3D models as OpenGL suitable for android platform.
  • Research and collect available 3D model databases for the experiments.
  • Develop the android application which will track the head and gaze of the observer and display relevant view of the rendered 3D model based on viewer face position.
  • Create own 3D model dataset using Blender 3D rendering software and investigate the possibilities of android platform to render the 3D model of whole 3D scene.
  • Document all the development process and final version of all codes.