Marcelo Fernandez

MSc Diploma Project


Virtual Plastic Surgery


Marcelo Fernandez


Paul McAlpine, Ravi Punati, and Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi




Logitech, US


In California, it is very impressive to observe how big the plastic surgery market is. Many people are really interested in enhancing the cosmetic appearance of their faces or bodies. Following this trend, we are interested in offering them the technology to change their facial appearance in a virtual way.
Indeed, the Virtual Plastic Surgery (VPS) project has the vision of empowering the user to transform his/her face in a better-looking or in a funnier way by using their webcams. This new category of effects is called Facial Special Effects (FSFX).

The main goal of the VPS project is to create an application that will allow the user to transform some parts of his/her face while he/she moves in front of the webcam. At the same time, the results should be displayed in real-time to keep the natural component of human conversations or video-conferences.