ATT: Advanced Transcoding Technology

Full title

Advanced Transcoder Technology

Duration of project

12 month staring from 01.08.2009

Funding source



The goal of the Advanced Transcoding Technology (ATT) project is to develop an efficient transcoding solution from MPEG-2 (DVB-T) to (MPEG-4 (DVB-H). Since the ultimate goal is to integrate the algorithm on a chip the key aspect of this research is to achieve the best trade-off between visual quality of the transcoded video on the one hand and the computational complexity and memory requirements on the other hand.

Therefore the project explores different transcoding architectures reaching from the low complex open loop architecture to the most complex cascaded pixel domain architecture and compares them in terms of visual quality and complexity. The quality assessment considers objective quality metrics for automatic algorithm comparison and tuning as well as standardized subjective quality test to measure the end users’ quality of experience. Finally, the most suitable algorithm will adapted and implemented in hardware on a FPGA platform.

Research activities

  • Development of transcoding solutions
  • Objective and subjective quality assessment
  • Computational complexity estimation and reduction