Full title

Advanced Videoconferencing Service over IP-Converging Networks

Duration of project

15 months, from June 2007 (extended until 31.8.2008)

Funding source

CTI: The Innovation Promotion Agency

Funding number

CTI-Project no. 8876.1 PFES-ES


The project A-VISION aimed at developing and integrating in an existing V2OIP stack novel tools for enhanced video-conferencing applications in the domain of IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS). The new functionality includes face tracking and recognition, selective coding and rendering adapted to different device features, bi-modal authentication for secure access, automatic quality adaptation, standard and seamless multi-protocol and multi-network adaptation. Devices that were considered include desktop/laptop computers, and gsm/Wi-Fi PDAs and Smartphones.

Research activities

A-VISION includes technology integration and demonstration as well as research and development in advanced technology domains where the three partners are leaders.

  • Face tracking adapted to portable devices
  • Multi-modal authentication systems
  • Automatic video quality measurement
  • Fixed-Mobile Voice-Data Convergence: Anywhere-Anyhow