The goal of this COST Action is to establish a strong network on Quality of Experience (QoE) with participation from both academia and industry. Its main objective will be to develop and to promote methodologies to subjectively and objectively measure the impact in terms of quality of future multimedia products and services. This network will be the promoter of QoMEX, an already established international conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience for researchers and professionals to interact and to report their findings on QoE issues. Observing that there are currently no European networks focusing on the concept of QoE, this Action also aims at bringing a substantial scientific impact on fragmented efforts carried out in this field, by coordinating the research under the catalytic COST umbrella, and at setting up a European network of experts facilitating transfer of technology and know-how to industry, coordination in standardization, and certification of products and services.


  • Audiovisual quality assessment
  • 3D quality assessment