Practical information

Workshop Venue

Lausanne, an Olympic city, is situated in the beautiful region of Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Europe at the foot of the Alps and Mont Blanc and can be reached easily by plane, train or car. The language in this region is French, one of the four national languages of Switzerland, besides German, Italian and Romanche. The EPFL campus  is in the western part of Lausanne and brings together more than 11’000 persons.

 You can find all practical information about EPFL campus, City of Lausanne, etc. below.


Conference Location

The Wearable 2016 workshop will take place on 13th and 14th of October in the rooms INR 219 and  MA B1 11 at the EPFL University Campus in Lausanne. 

The first day (13.10.2016) we will be using room INR 219. [map here]

The second day (14.10.2016) we will be using room MA B1 11. [map here]

Detailed information about conference location and transportation can be found here.


Social Event

The social dinner will take place from7pm to 10:30pm at Restaurant Châlet Suisse.

Prior confirmation is required.

– Reservation deadline has now passed – 




Hotels next to the campus:

If you prefer a hotel in the city of Lausanne, have a look on the following link