Final Agenda

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Day One – Monday, April 26th, 2010

08:15h Registration
09:00h Welcome & Introduction by Touradj Ebrahimi and Istvan Sebestyen

Session 1: Digital Archival Projects

Chairperson: Touradj Ebrahimi, Head of Multimedia Signal Processing Group, EPFL, SWITZERLAND

09:30h Use of JPEG2000 in preservation
Richard Clark, ELYSIUM Ltd., UK
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10:00h Montreux Jazz Festival digital archives project
Frederic Dufaux, EPFL, SWITZERLAND
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10:30h Efficient film digitization and restoration
Jean-Pierre Gehrig, CEO, Cinetis SA, SWITZERLAND
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11:00h Coffee & Refreshments
11:30h Searching in video sequences- core technologies in THESEUS
Thomas Riegel, Project Manager, Corporate Technologies, Siemens AG, GERMANY
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12:00h Million Books Digital Library Project – From books to multimedia
Tiejun Huang, Deputy director Institute of Digital Multimedia Technology, Peking University, P. R. CHINA
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12:30h Lunch break
  Social Program
Visit of Gruyères
14:00h Bus pick-up at EPFL (place de livraison) for Gruyères
15:30h Guided visit of Château de Gruyères
16:45h Multimedia show
17:15h Free visit of the city
19:30h Dinner at Café-Restaurant des Remparts
21:30h Bus pick-up for return to Lausanne
22:40h Arrival in Lausanne

Day Two – Tuesday, April, 27th, 2010

08:15h Registration

Session 2: Technical frameworks & Architectures for Multimedia Archives

Chairperson: Istvan Sebestyen, Secretary General, Ecma International, SWITZERLAND

09:00h Long term preservation of digital content in analog supports
Lukas Rosenthaler, University of Basel, SWITZERLAND
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09:30h Magnetic tape storage and the growth of archival data
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10:00h New hardware and software system for long term preservation DVDs – write once read forever
Douglas P. Hansen, Millenniata,USA
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10:30h Coffee & Refreshments

Session 3: Progress in Digital Preservation Methods and Formats

Chairperson: Pierre-Andre Probst, Founder, Probst ICT Consulting, SWITZERLAND

11:00h Color in Image Collections and Archives
Sabine Süsstrunk, EPFL, SWITZERLAND
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11:30h JPEG 2000 archive profile
Joachim Keinert, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, GERMANY
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12:00h Professional Archive Application Format at ISO/IEC MPEG
Noboru Harada, Senior Research Scientist, NTT Communication Science Laboratories, JAPAN
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12:30h Status of ITU-T standardization in the field of multimedia
Simao Campos-Neto, ITU-T, SWITZERLAND
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13:00h Lunch Break

Session 4: Issues in digital archives and preservation

Chairperson: Bernard Hammer, Siemens AG, GERMANY

14:00h Long term preservation formats and processes
Roger Cummings, Technical Director, Symantec Corporation, USA
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14:30h Requirements on TV Archives
Frans De Jong, European Broadcasting Union (EBU), SWITZERLAND
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15:00h Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) concerns in Multimedia Archives
Dave McAllister, Adobe, USA
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15:30h Coffee & Refreshments

Session 5: Quo vadis digital archiving of multi-media content?

Moderator: Touradj Ebrahimi, Head of Multimedia Signal Processing Group, EPFL, SWITZERLAND

16:00h Panel Discussion with stakeholders from the user’s group, industry and public organizations.
Potential topics are:

  • What are the breakthroughs in preservation technology?
  • Content-based access to multimedia archives – user’s dream or reality soon?
  • What do we need to preserve – bits, applications, context,…?
  • Which methods are best for long term physical preservation – digital/analog, electronic/ optical?
  • What kind of open standards are needed for preservation of multimedia content?
  • Copyrights and other IPR in archives – don’t care or a serious issue?


17:00 Close of the workshop