iGH: intelligent Global Health

iGH – intelligent Global Health  is a new initiative by the Machine Learning and Optimization Laboratory, dedicated to machine learning applications for healthcare in resource-limited settings.

Open for MSc semester projects, Interns and PhDs

Fall 2021–> Several positions OPEN for MSc Thesis/Semester projects

We are proud to host the Machine Learning Academic Exchange program, supporting promising researchers in Tanzania and Rwanda with distance learning scholarships at the EPFL extension school as well as support for attending international conferences. The program includes internship exchanges where students showing excellence intern in the iGH/MLO at EPFL.

A single training run of a complex deep learning model can emit the carbon equivalent of 15’000 (return!) flights between London and Paris…

The Machine Learning and optimization lab believes that optimizing algorithms is an environmental responsibility. iGH follows an ecoML approach to the design, research and application of AI tools in healthcare. 


We’re hosting a 1-year hack for COVID-19 with a bunch of projects on clinical data from COVID-19

We’re XPrize WINNERS!

Our CODID-19 1YearHack team has been selected as winners for the XPrize on Collective Pandemic Intelligence

Our “What If? Interactive Global COVID Policy Simulator” platform was presented at the AI for Good Global Summit in September.
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