iGH: intelligent Global Health

iGH – intelligent Global Health  is a research group dedicated to developing AI to improve healthcare in resource-limited settings.


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Open for MSc semester projects, Interns and PhDs

We are proud to partner with the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) and the African Institute of Machine Intelligence (AMMI) to host the Machine Learning African Academic Exchange program: supporting talented Africa-based students and researchers with academic exchange opportunities, internships and distance learning scholarships.

We believe that optimizing algorithms is an environmental responsibility.

iGH  follows an ecoML approach to the design, research and implementation of AI in healthcare. 

Track the carbon footprint of your code with our CUMULATOR tool

iGH is committed to sustainable capacity building through research.

Join us in making simple life-saving renovations at an inspirational hospital in rural South Africa.

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Predictive medicine is less accurate for minority populations and neglected diseases.

iGH is specifically interested to better represent neglected populations and diseases in low-resource settings.

Do you have an impactful dataset that could benefit from AI?

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