Safe manufacturing of nanostructured materials: European Project SAPHIR



Our group is involved in the research of new materials based on nanoparticles such as nanotubes, nanocrystalline ceramics and composites reinforced by nanoparticles. We participate in the FP7 European project SAPHIR and are involved in testing of the mechanical properties of several new materials. The following themes are investigated:

  • Development of new nanocrystalline ZrO2 and Si3N4 made by Spark Plasma Sintering in collaboration with Stockholm University.
  • New hardmetal coatings based deposited by plasma spray in collaboration with the IWS at Fraunhofer Institute Dresden.
  • Development of new polymer composites with high termal conductivity of high electrical conductivity based on carbon nanotubes in collaboration with Centro Ricerche FIAT and ZBT.