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Description: The core topics of the class will include fundamental concepts of analysis, sequences, continuity and limits, differentiation and integration of functions in one real variable

  • Numbers, structures and functions
  • Sequences, limits and continuity
  • Series of real numbers
  • Real-valued functions of one real variable
  • Mean value theorem ,Taylor series, intermediate value theorem
  • Differentiation and integration of functions of one real variable
Text: We will loosely follow 
J. Douchet and B. Zwahlen, Calcul differential et integral, Volume I, 2016, PPUR.
An online version is available here
Notes by J Stubbe will also be useful – English version – French version
Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites, but it is expected that Linear Algebra is followed in parallel
Class notes: The class is given through a tablet and all notes are available right after class on the moodle page.
Exercises: There will be weekly exercises throughout the semester. 
Exams: The exam will be a written examination.

80% of all questions will be harmonized across all sections of Analysis I. The exam will cover all material delivered in the course. 

No calculators, cheat sheets, phones or books are allowed for the exam, only a black or dark blue ballpoint pen and student ID

Grading: Grading will be based solely on the written examination.