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Continueing Analysis I, we study core concepts of analysis with a particular focus on multivariate calculus and differential equations.

The core topics of the class will be

  • Curves, surfaces and planes
  • The Euclidian space and functions of several variables
  • Limits and continuity in several variables
  • Differentiation of functions of several variables
  • Extrema of functions, unconstrained and constrained
  • Gradient, Laplacian, Jacobian, Hessian etc
  • Multi-dimensional integrals
  • Linear differential equations
Text: We will loosely follow 
J. Douchet and B. Zwahlen, Calcul differential et integral, 2011
as well as notes on various selected topics.
Prerequisites: It is expected that students have passed Analysis I and Linear Algebra.
Class notes: The class is given through a tablet and all notes are available right after class on the moodle page.
Exercises: There will be weekly exercises throughout the semester. 
Exams: The exam will be a written examination.
Grading: Grading will be based solely on the written examination.