Mengwu Guo

Postdoctoral Assistant



[email protected]


Mengwu was born in 1991 in Baoding, an ancient city beside the capital of China. In 2013, Mengwu received his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with honors from Tsinghua University, Beijing. After 4 years’ doctoral studies from then on, he earned a PhD degree in Civil Engineering from the same university, also with honors. In the 3rd year of his PhD, Mengwu worked as a visiting scholar for 4 months at Department of Mathematics, University of Iowa, USA.

Since September 2017, Mengwu has been doing his postdoctoral research at EPFL under Prof. Jan S. Hesthaven’s supervision.

Research interests

Computational mechanics and structural analysis, verification of simulations and error estimation, uncertainty quantification, reduced order modeling


Please find Mengwu’s full publication list on his personal webpage. Some selected as follows:

M. Guo and J. S. Hesthaven. Reduced order modeling for nonlinear structural analysis using Gaussian process regression. Infoscience, 2017, EPFL-ARTICLE-232957.

M. Guo and H. Zhong. Strict upper and lower bounds for quantities of interest in static response sensitivity analysis. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2017, 49: 17-34.

M. Guo and H. Zhong. Constitutive-relation-error-based a posteriori error bounds for a class of elliptic variational inequalities. Applied Mathematics Letters, 2017, 71: 14-23.

M. Guo, H. Zhong and K. You. A second-order perturbation method for fuzzy eigenvalue problems. Engineering Computations, 2016, 33(2): 306-327.

M. Guo and H. Zhong. Goal-oriented error estimation for beams on elastic foundation with double shear effect. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2015, 39(16): 5047-5057.