Deep Ray

Postdoctoral Assistant



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I received my Bachelor’s degree in mathematics in 2010 from the University of Delhi, India, following which I was selected for the integrated Ph.D. program at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Centre for Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore, India. During my Ph.D., I spent a year and a half at ETH Zurich, working with the research group at the Seminar of Applied Mathematics. I successfully completed my Ph.D. in May 2017.


Research interests

Entropy stable methods for conservation laws, computational fluid dynamics, uncertainty quantification


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  • D. Ray, P. Chandrashekar, U. Fjordholm and S. Mishra, Entropy stable schemes on two-dimensional unstructured grids for Euler equations; Communications in Computational Physics, Vol. 19(5), pp. 1111-1140, 2016.
  • U. S. Fjordholm, D. Ray, A sign preserving WENO reconstruction method; Journal of Scientific Computing, Vol. 68(1), pp. 42-63, 2015.
  • D. Ray and P. Chandrashekar, Entropy stable schemes for compressible Euler equations; International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modeling (Series B), 2013.