Boris Bonev

Doctoral student



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I have received my bachelor’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering and in Physics from the University of Stuttgart. During my master studies in Aerospace Engineering I have specialized in the field of numerical simulations. For my thesis I visited Prof. Jan S. Hesthaven at EPFL, where I have worked on numerical simulations of the shallow water equations using the discontinuous Galerkin method. In February 2017 I joined MCSS as doctoral student under the supervision of Prof. Hesthaven.


Research interests

Applied Mathematics, Computational Physics, Partial and Stochastic Differential Equations, Numerical Methods and Algorithms, Computational Linear Algebra, Machine Learning



  • B. Bonev, J. S. Hesthaven, F. X. Giraldo and M. A. Kopera, Discontinuous Galerkin scheme for the spherical shallow water equations with applications to tsunami modeling and prediction, submitted to Journal of Computational Physics, 2017.

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  • L. Prantl, B. Bonev, N. Thuerey, Pre-computed liquid spaces with generative neural networks and optical flow, submitted to ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2017. 

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