How to create a MATHICSE Technical Report

Procedure to follow

  • A new Mathicse Technical Report is a new “Reports and working papers” entry in infoscience. The identifier will be the field “Corporate author = MATHICSE Group”. The title of the infoscience entry will be : “MATHICSE Technical Report : … title …” and the reports will not be numbered
  • It is important to put the full FIRST SUBMISSION date=YYYY-MM-DD and never change it later on. The list of reports on the mathicse webpage  will be extracted automatically and sorted by date.
  • Every new MATHICSE Technical Report should be associated to (at least) one Mathicse Chair/Unit (ANCHP, ANMC, CSQI, GR-PI, MCSS, MNS, SCI-SB-SD)
  • The actual document (.pdf) can be uploaded directly in the infoscience entry Several documents can be uploaded corresponding to different versions of the paper; the library will make sure that they will appear as version 1, version 2, …; once uploaded, the files can not be removed. Alternatively, a link can be added to an external repository (e.g. arXiv) under “Additional link & link description
  • You may want to add a front page to your .pdf. Here is the template to use in case. (You will have to edit the .doc template file, convert it in .pdf and collate it to the .pdf of the report)
  • A DOI will be associated by the library to each infoscience MATHICSE-Group entry (check that this is actually the case).
  • The infoscience entry can be created by any member of a chair/unit and will be editable by any other member of the same chair/unit. No one else will be able to make changes except the infoscience and library teams.
  • Every time an infoscience entry with “Corporate author = MATHICSE-Group” is created, a notification is sent to the library, so that Julien Junod can assign a DOI, check that the entry has been created correctly (fulfilling all the conditions for mathicse resports) and a pdf file has been uploaded or linked.

If you have questions, please contact Samantha Bettschen of Fabio Nobile.

Final publication

  • Once a paper is published on a regular journal (with a DOI), it is imported automatically in infoscience as an “Article and Reviews”; alternatively, one can create manually an “Article and Reviews” infoscience entry for each new publication.
  • To avoid having both the final version and the mathicse report appear on the chairs/persons web pages, edit the infoscience entry of the final publication and modify the field “related to = «New version of» + URL of the corresponding MATHICSE Technical Report ”.
  • The previous step generates a notification so that Julien Junod can update accordingly the infoscience entry of the Mathicse Technical Report by editing the field “related to = «Is Previous Version Of» + URL of the infoscience entry of the published work”. By this way publication lists can include or exclude selectively mathicse reports that are linked to published paper.