Multi-dimensional UV spectroscopy

Our 20 kHz amplified laser system was designed for low noise operation, and this allows us to do pump-probe experiments with excellent S/N. The fundamental output of this amplifier has a shot to shot energy fluctuation that is < 0.1% RMS, we use it to pump a TOPAS -White, to get a broadband visual pulse (200nm bandwidth, 20 fs).As a consequence also after the many non-linear conversions that are required to generate broadband UV light the noise is <<1%. The output of the TOPAS is frequency doubled using Achromatic doubling, to get a 100 nm broad UV probe pulse .

Recent publications:

Ultrabroadband femtosecond two-dimensional ultraviolet transient absorption. G. Auboeck, C. Consani, F. van Mourik and M. Chergui. Optics Letters 37, p. 2337-2339, 2012.
Femtosecond pump/supercontinuum-probe setup with 20 kHz repetition rate. Gerald Auböck, Cristina Consani, Roberto Monni, Andrea Cannizzo, Frank van Mourik, and Majed Chergui
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 83, 093105 (2012)