250 KHz amplifier, 50 fs (Coherent RegA)

Oscillator: Coherent – Mira-SEED
CW-pumped Ti :Sapphire oscillator
Output Power: 250 mW @ 76 MHz repetition rate
Pulse width: >30 nm Pulse duration < 60 fs ac
Tunable 780 – 840nm
Noise: < 2% (rms in 10Hz-2Mhz bandwidth)
Beam diameter: 0.4mm Divergence: 3.0mrad
Pumped by the ≈3W ouput of a Verdi solid state laser (Coherent).
Amplifier: Coherent – RegA
CW-pumped Ti :Sapphire regenerative amplifier with external stretcher/compressor unit.
Output Power: 1.2W Repetition Rate: 10-250 kHz
Typical pulse width: 25 nm Pulse duration: <80 fs ac
Intensity drift <2%/hour
Noise : <2% (peak-to-peak in 1Hz-100Hz bandwidth)
Pumped by the ≈ 10W ouput from a Verdi solid state laser

VIS OPA: Coherent – OPA-9400
Double stage visible OPA pumped by the RegA @ 250kHz max repetition rate
Maximum output power > 50mW
Accessible spectral range: 480 – 700 nm (signal)
Typical pulse width ≈ 15 nm
Typical pulse duration ≈ 65 fs ac (after external compression)

NIR OPA: Coherent – OPA-9850
Double stage NIR OPA pumped by the RegA @ 250kHz max repetition rate.
Maximum output power > 150mW
Accessible spectral range: 1100 – 1600 nm (signal)
Typical pulse duration ≈ 70 fs ac (after external compression)