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New quasiparticle unveiled in room temperature semiconductors

— Physicists from Switzerland and Germany have unveiled fingerprints of the long-sought particle known as Mahan exciton in the room temperature optical response of the popular methylammonium lead halide perovskites.

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International Workshop "Electrons, Photons and Plasmons-2020"

— Save the date : June 3-5 2020, Nyon, Switzerland 

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A new look at thermally-induced chemical reactions

— Scientists at EPFL have been able to monitor the time-evolution of thermally-induced chemical reactions with element- and structural-sensitivity.

Illustration of the exciton of TiO2 interacting with a propagating coherent acoustic wave. Credit: Adriel Dominguez (Max Planck Institute, Hamburg)

Controlling the optical properties of solids with acoustic waves

— Physicists from Switzerland, Germany, and France have found that large-amplitude acoustic waves, launched by ultrashort laser pulses, can dynamically manipulate the optical response of semiconductors.

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Award for pioneering work in ultrafast laser science

— Edoardo Baldini wins the 2019 APS Carl E. Anderson

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Lars Mewes gets a SNF early mobility grant

— Congrats to Lars Mewes for receiving the SNF early mobility price with which he will join the mumos group at TU Munich. All the best for your future!

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Best oral presentation during the SCS fall meeting by Oliviero

— Best oral presentation during the SCS fall meeting by Oliviero

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ERC Starting Grant 2019

— Giulia Mancini has won an ERC Starting Grant 2019

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Former EPFL PhD student wins IBM Prize of the SPS

— Congratulations to our former PhD student Edoardo Baldini for winning the IBM Prize of the Swiss Physical Society.

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Vidi grant from NWO

— Congratulations to Giulia Mancini for winning the VIDI grant at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials (RUG, NE)

February 2018
February 2018

Majed Chergui has been elected Foreign Member of the Royal Spanish Academy of Sciences (Real Academia de Ciencias). The achievement is highlighted in the EPFL SB news.

January 2018

In TiO2, electron cooling in the conduction band occurs in less than 50 fs!
Read our new article published on ACS Photonicsand highlighted on EPFL SB news:

Edoardo Baldini, Tania Palmieri, Enrico Pomarico, Gerald Auböck, and Majed Chergui

“Clocking the Ultrafast Electron Cooling in Anatase Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles.”

ACS Photonics 11th January 2018.


The 24th issue of the Laserlab Newsletter “LASERLAB Forum” is published featuring an article by Edoardo Baldini and Majed Chergui (LSU) on the absorption of light by titanium dioxide.

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