Interactive Logic Synthesis Handbook

**** Master or Semester Project ****

Contact: Dr. Mathias Soeken, Post-doctoral researcher, EPFL-IC-INFCOM-LSI

Background of the project
Logic synthesis has both used and created some of the most fundamental data structures and algorithms in computer science, most notably binary decision diagrams and the Quine-McCluskey algorithm. Many of the concepts and algorithms in logic synthesis can easily be explained using small illustrative examples. The idea is to collect these examples in an interactive handbook. The examples shall be interactive, i.e., the reader is able to modify the example by changing some values.

Overview of the project
The project targets the development of two to three entries into the interactive logic synthesis handbook. Ideas are (but not limited to):

  • Quine-McCluskey algorithm
  • SOP minimization with Karnaugh-Venn diagrams
  • Geometric MIG synthesis
  • and others

The examples should be implemented as Pens in CodePen using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (using Bootstrap and preferably React).

Eligibility requirements
●    Good background in data structures
●    Proficiency in client-side web development
●    Knowledge in React is a plus
●    Knowledge in logic synthesis is a plus, but not mandatory