Smartphone App for Personalized Drug Dose Computations

***Archived: This is a past project,  it is not on offer at the moment!***

Contact: Ms. Wenqi You, PhD Student, EPFL-IC-ISIM-LSI
               Dr. Alena Simalatsar, Post-doctoral Researcher, EPFL-IC-ISIM-LSI


Project Description:
A drug dose prescription is an action performed by doctors everyday. The aim of this project is to provide medical doctors with a smart phone application that would assist them in prescribing the correct dosage.

We have already developed a Dose Administration Decision Support System (DADSS) for an automatic dose amount and dose administration intervals’ computation based on patient’s parameters. The algorithm is based on the machine learning techniques i.e. Support Vector Machines (SVM).

During the semester project the student will be working on the development of the interface for the medical application that is able to accept the list of patients’ parameters as an input, use it to compute the dose and dose administration interval and output this information together with the new patients’ profile and other features, e.g. drug information.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Good programming skills in objective C for iPhone or Java for Android systems. Experience is highly appreciated.
  • Knowledge of machine learning is not necessary but a plus.

The work of the semester project will be guided by a PhD student and a post-doc. Please contact: Ms. Wenqi You ([email protected]) and/or Dr. Alena Simalatsar ([email protected]) of the Integrated Systems Laboratory (LSI) at EPFL. The work will form an important extension part of the ISyPeM project.

***Archived: This is a past project,  it is not on offer at the moment!***