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LPPC is working on the interplay between particle physics and Cosmology.

Cosmology provides the key evidence that the canonical Standard Model (SM) of particle physics, although extremely successful in explaining existing accelerator data, is not a complete theory of Nature.

In particular,

  • it contradicts to the observed neutrino oscillations,
  • does not provide a dark matter (DM) candidate, and
  • gives no explanation for the observed excess of matter over anti-matter in the Universe.
  • It also does not explain the present accelerated expansion of the Universe, and
  • does not lead to primordial inflation.

We take these facts as a guiding principle for the quest for a fundamental theory.

Other directions of research of LPPC include various approaches to effective quantum theory of gravity, to the strong CP problem, the role of quantum anomalies in physics, phase transitions in gauge theories at high temperatures and their cosmological applications, model independent study of Dark Matter and structure formation in the Universe, the search for decaying Dark Matter.