About us

The team

LPAC is directed by Prof. Véronique Michaud. The direction of the lab includes Dr. Pierre-Etienne Bourban, Dr. Yves Leterrier and Mrs. Cécile Chariatte. The team is formed of master and PhD students, research engineers and post-doctoral scientists, originating from Switzerland, Europe (Italy, France, Spain) and the World (India, Iran, Turkey).
The LPAC team in Nendaz, March 2022


Chemistry lab
Formulations of resins, hybrids, hydrogels and nanocomposites
Rheology lab
Oscillatory shear (photo) rheometer, capillary rheometer, dynamic mechanical analyzer
Processing lab for thermal processes
Wet layup, RTM, compression molding, autoclave
Processing lab for UV processes
Hg sources, nanoimprint lithography, photo-interferometer, roll-to-roll UV printing
Analytical and testing labs
Optical microscopes with in situ heating and electro-mechanical testing units, nanoparticle size analyzer, (photo) DSC, O2 and H2O permeation cells, mechanical and impact tests