Bigna Lenggenhager


Bigna Lenggenhager, PhD


Universitäre Psychiatrische Dienste

Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie

Bolligenstrasse 111

3000 Bern 60



Email: [email protected]

Research Interests: 

Self-consciousness, changes in self-consciousness in various clinical conditions (e.g. spinal cord injured patients, psychosis patients), bodily illusions, multisensory integration, vestibular contribution to higher-level cognition, body representation in dreams.



PhD in Neuroscience, EPFL, Lausanne, 2009    



Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Lenggenhager B, Loetscher T, Kavan N, Pallich G, Brodtmann A, Nicholls MER, Brugger P (2011). Paradoxical extension into the contralesional hemispace in spatial neglect. Cortex, DOI:10.1016/j.bbr.2011.03.031

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Hänsel A, Lenggenhager B, von Känel R, Curatolo M, Blanke O (2011). Seeing and identifying with a virtual body decreases pain perception. Eur J Pain, 15(8): 874-879.

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Lenggenhager B, Smith S, Blanke O (2006). Functional and neural mechanisms of embodiment: importance of the vestibular system and the temporal parietal junction. Rev Neurosci.;17(6):643‐57.    


Book chapters and popular science:

Aspell JE, Lenggenhager B & Blanke O (2011). “Multisensory perception and bodily self‐consciousness: From out‐of‐body to inside‐body experience.” In Wallace, M. & Micah, M. (Eds) Frontiers in the Neural Bases of Multisensory Processes (Taylor & Francis).

Blanke O, Lenggenhager B (in press). Out‐of‐Body experiences. Encyclopedia of Perception. Editor: Bruce Goldstein

Blanke O, Lenggenhager B Heydrich L (2009). Mein Körper und Ich. Gehirn & Geist, Dezember.

Lenggenhager B, Blanke O (2007). Neuropsychologische Grundlagen der Malerei. Neglektbedingte Stilelemente in Lovis Corinths Kunst nach 1912. In: Bormuth, M. Podoll, K., Spitzer, C. Psychiatrie und Kunst – Interdisziplinäre Studien zur Künstler‐Pathographie. Göttinger Wallstein Verlag, 147‐180.    



Lenggenhager B. Multisensory Mechansism Underlying Bodily Self-Consciousness. PhD Thesis. EPFL, Lausanne.

Lenggenhager B. Spatial Presence: a combined psychometric, psycho-physiological and electrophysiological study. Diploma Thesis. University of Zurich, Zurich.    



Pfizer Research Prize in Neuroscience (2009)     




IRP Resarch Grant


Fellowship for prospective researchers, Swiss National Science Foundation


VolkswagenStiftung “European Platform for Life Sciences, Mind Sciences, and the Humanities”: Somatognosis (Bodily experiences)


VolkswagenStiftung “European Platform for Life Sciences, Mind Sciences, and the Humanities”: Dream Group (Approaching the dreaming body)


One‐year fellowship at the EPFL doctoral school, Lausanne